🔥The 30k+ Plan 🔥

Limited Time Offer: $2,550 instead of $5100 when you unlock it this week!

🔥The 30k+ Plan 🔥

Limited Time Offer: $2,550 instead of $5100 when you unlock it this week!


Discover the Official 30k+ Plan™


YOUR NEW STEP-BY-STEP ACTION PLAN TO GO FROM 0 TO $30,000/month SELLING DIGITAL PRODUCTS PASSIVELY, from home, using Etsy and social media.

Discover how to transform what you already know, love or have already built into a thriving online business, starting with Etsy, sales funnels, shopify and social media. Work from home, generate passive income and achieve $30,000 in monthly sales with actionable step-by-step tasks designed to get you started, grow, and scale your online business EXTRA FAST.

Monthly Instalments Available.

'This is the exact ENTIRE plan I followed to get my first $30,000 /month in 90 days, selling digital products, on Etsy and from social media. Learn, Implement. REPLICATE. And resell for 100% profit' — Anne, Founder of The 30K+ Plan.

I have partnered with Anne who has gone from

Zero to Her First $30,000/month in 90 Days.

So you can too!

Anne, Founder.

One day, I took the decision to share my knowledge, experience and obsession about a specific topic and decided to help others by sharing what I knew... I took the decision to write and create.

Remember in life, you've got 2 types of people:

- Consumers.

- Creators.

Consumers pay.

Creators get paid.

I created simple ebooks, guides, challenges, tools, checklists, workbooks. With my own words. My own story. I shared all my tips. All my reasoning. What worked and still works for me. And learnt how to sell. I've started with Etsy, because Etsy has already a huge audience and received about 500 million of visitors each month... from all over the world. This marketplace is an amazing asset for me - and for whoever wants to use it and master it. It allows me to be found daily, automatically, without doing much on it anymore.

My listings are all set up in a very specific simple way. I craft my titles, tags and product description in a very specific way - I use a perfect match strategy that allows me to rank 1st on the keywords I want to rank for. My thumbnails too. My pricing too. My automation, email list building strategy and follow ups... And I've learned my own methods, tools and templates by doing looooots of tweaks and research... And decided to share it all in a plan with chronological steps to take and implement.

Anne's Etsy Store.

March 2024: 143,658 sales.

20,364 ★★★★ reviews.

1st January 1st March

Anne's Stripe Dashboard.

I help people who are literally just starting out. But I also help established business owners that are struggling to gain more traffic or conversions, and scale everything out on Etsy and socials. With tailored straightforward instructions, clear explanations, to let people with one thing to do >>> taking action.

In order to understand a formula or a reasoning completely, I always have the need to apply it to different case scenario to see if it makes sense. And to see if it works. And it does. For me. Daily. And for people that decided that there was no plan B for them either. For those that are getting obsessed with their results. With their sales. With their income.

I feel grateful every day for what I have built.

I wish you the same. I wish you to make a ton of money this year.

I wish you to start. Grow. And scale.

I wish you to become so accountable of your own life and results that you leave yourself no gaps for excuses. You control your actions, and so... your life.

I hope this fuels you. And brings out the best out of you, whether you're reading it this evening in the UK or at any time of the day anywhere in the world.

I'm just a French mum of 2 under 5 living in UK, who doesn't hold any degree or diploma, who wanted more from life, with a simple waitressing background.

You're the main character of your own movie. It's your life. Take control back of your results, your routine, your goals to get what you want from this life.

Anne's Bank Account Payouts.

Beginning of March 2024.

Monthly Instalments Available.

What Can I Do/Can't Do

With The MRR 30K+ Plan™?





As a valued crew member of the 30K+ Plan™ with MRR, you're not just gaining access to a powerful product - you're joining a supportive community dedicated to your success with mentoring and support FOR FREE.

Here's what you can expect:

👉 Access to The Private FB Community Group

Join The Exclusive Private Community group hosted by Anne, the founder of the 30K+ Plan™.

This vibrant community brings together like-minded resellers who share insights, strategies, and support to help each other thrive.

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this group is your go-to resource for:

👉 Direct access to Anne, Founder, for personalized guidance and support.

👉 Networking opportunities with fellow resellers to exchange ideas and experiences.

👉 Additional resources, tips, and strategies to maximize your success.

👉 Dedicated Support for Your Clients

We understand that not every reseller wants to be the expert. That's why we offer dedicated support for YOUR clients within our community group.

When you refer your clients to our community group, they'll receive:

👉 Expert guidance from Anne and the community to address their questions and challenges.

👉 Motivation and encouragement to stay on track and achieve their goals.

A supportive environment where they can connect with others on similar journeys.

By becoming a reseller of the 30K+ Plan™, you're not just gaining a product - you're gaining a partner committed to your success.

With our community support, you can confidently grow your business, knowing that you have the resources and guidance you need every step of the way.

How Is The Plan Structured?


You will pick a problem and find YOUR niche.

The plan will take you through a very simple exercise for you to pick ONE problem.

You will get extremely clear with the problem you want to solve/the transformation you want to offer.

You will be able to bring people from a point A to a point B. It will be an update, a result, an improvement, a new state, a new lifestyle, or anything positive.

We aren't talking about products here. But a niche. A transformation. An audience.

It is all about how you help people, and what you/your brand wants to get known for.

You will learn how to discover YOUR audience.


You will learn how to create in-demand solutions that sells

OR use ready-to-resell bestsellers.

You will think of solutions. We don't want to create new. We want to take what works and do better. Understand who your audience is and what do they want AND need to create a cohesive and winning product suite.

You will be able to tackle each sub-problem they have to become the GO-TO in your industry.

And create/resell:

- workbooks.

- printable.

- ebooks.

- a specific journal.

- cards/flashcards.

- spreadsheets.

- a course.

- a program.

- a challenge.

- a bootcamp.

- a workshop. Etc…


You will learn how to sell through Etsy, Shopify, Sales pages and Social media.

Through the plan framework, you will learn how to sell on:

- Etsy

- Shopify

- via your email newsletters

- via your blog posts

- Via your IG stories

- via your Reels/Tiktok

- via your tweets on X and Threads

You will learn how to optimise your listings and content TO SELL.

You will learn how to rank, how to get found, how to persuade and convince your audience.

We want your audience to:

- find you

- understand you and what you sell

- trust you

- desire what you sell

Each platform works a bit differently. I'm covering EVERYTHING.

But once you know and apply that to your products and offers, you just know. It clicks.

Monthly Instalments Available.

What Will Be Your Tasks About?


You will receive my own practical advice on how you can narrow YOUR EXISTING BRAND down, craft YOUR brand story so people can relate to you, and become more specific so you finally attract THE RIGHT AUDIENCE.

You will be building strong relationships with your actual followers + store visitors and interact with them daily. (free templates inside!) and be given binge-able content ideas that will get them to come back for more every single day. No more guesswork. You will learn who they are, what they want and how they feel. + TOOLS AND TEMPLATES


You will learn how to build a strong relationship with your audience and followers. You'll discover what products (digital or physical) they REALLY WANT and NEED.

so you can build a starving crowd of hungry buyers. Learn how to launch your products and get them waiting, begging for your products to be released so they can buy them!


👉 ACTIONS TO TAKE TO BRING INSANE TRAFFIC TO YOUR STORE (Etsy, Shopify, Blog Posts and Sales Pages.)

You'll become AN ABSOLUTE SEO expert. You will implement and finally master email + sms marketing. Get your hands on my email sequences templates and start sending emails that ppl can't wait to open and read + convert. You will learn how to launch your blog and optimising it for SEO so you can start attracting FREE traffic in. Influencers, HARO media, Collabs, Theme Page, Press, I'll explain everything.

You'll learn how to promote your products THE RIGHT WAY on social media, and how to sell without being salesy or sending offers all day long! You will learn fun marketing ideas to launch to keep your audience active and super interested.



The goal is to bring your store to 5/10%+ conversion rate. You will be improving your creatives, pictures, videos content, sections of your store and be looking at your actual CTR and improving it through clear actions.

You will be optimising your product pages and turn them into money-making machines, by adding necessary marketing strategies. You will increase AOV (Average Order Value) and get existing customers to keep coming back for more! Product descriptions won't have anymore secrets for you!


Monthly Instalments Available.




The 30K+ Plan is designed to help businesses at any stage, from those just starting out WITHOUT ideas just yet to those looking to grow or scale their business.



Monthly Instalments Available.


Helping other business owners launch or grow their own businesses and pass on the knowledge was an EVIDENCE for me. I wanted to create a whole blueprint and roadmap for you, so you always know what to do NEXT.


The 30K+ Plan is designed to help businesses at any stage, from those just starting out WITHOUT ideas just yet to those looking to grow or scale their business.


Whether you're in fashion, beauty, home goods, stationery, fitness, finances or any other industry, the 30k+ Plan framework is tailored to work for businesses in any niche. You will be able to find all the answers you need with powerful and straight-to-the-point prompts.


The 30k+ Plan works for businesses selling digital products, or offering coaching or consulting services. No matter what you sell, the plan is evergreen.

Monthly Instalments Available.

What Master Resell Rights Mean?

Unlock Unlimited Potential

Gain the power to leverage our proven system to generate revenue not just for yourself, but also through reselling the plan to others. With MRR, you have the freedom to set your own price* (never below our own) and keep 100% of the profits, turning this investment into a continuous income stream.

Expand Your Reach and Influence

By offering the 30k+ AI Plan with MRR, you position yourself as a trusted authority in the digital entrepreneurship space. Expand your reach and influence as you share this invaluable resource with your audience, helping them achieve their financial goals and building your reputation as a leader in the industry.

Build a Sustainable Business Model

Utilise the power of MRR to create a sustainable business model that not only benefits you but also empowers others to achieve success. As you build your brand and establish yourself as a thought leader, you'll attract more customers and create a thriving ecosystem of entrepreneurs supporting each other's growth.

Monthly Instalments Available.



Your knowledge, life experiences, hobbies, passions, crafts, past traumas, and existing skills are your greatest asset and what you should monetise. And this is exactly what you should be using to build your business. The 30k+ Plan is a transformative 90-day roadmap that's not just about growing a business; it's about crafting your path to success based on what you already know and love to talk about.

Monthly Instalments Available.


Featured: Etsy And Stripe Dashboards.


  • The 90-day 30k+ Plan (Daily action-able tasks about WHAT TO DO/WHEN TO DO IT/HOW TO DO IT, to bring in traffic DAILY and how to optimise your stores, content and pages for SALES to reach 30k+ in monthly sales).


  • Artificial Intelligence Prompts
  • Niche And USP Finder
  • Brand Story + Template
  • "Finding the problem you solve" + Worksheet
  • Brand Mission
  • "About Us" + Template
  • Followers Engagement Games
  • Broadcat Email Newsletters
  • Call-To-Actions
  • Etsy Shop Announcement + Template
  • Branding Kit Template
  • Product Recommendation Quiz (with Q&A)
  • Unique Selling Proposition + Template
  • Digital Product Ideas
  • Physical Product Ideas
  • Winning Products and Offers Creation + Template
  • BREAKDOWN of Your Target Audience + Template
  • Market Research Survey + Template
  • Hooks & Headlines Bank
  • Winning Product Creator Formula
  • Lead Magnet Ideas + eBook Template
  • Selling On Social Media Without Feeling Salesy Strategy to market your own products THE RIGHT WAY
  • Instagram Marketing Strategies for Your Stories
  • Instagram Marketing Strategies for Your Reels
  • Instagram Engagement Templates pack
  • My "Perfect Match" SEO method breakdown
  • Email Marketing List Building From Scratch
  • Email sequences templates
  • Email automation and flows sequences
  • Cart Abandonment sequences
  • SMS marketing sequences
  • Subject lines that convert for email
  • Fill-In-The-Blanks Product Description Template
  • Website Home Page Anatomy Template
  • Product Page Anatomy Template
  • FAQ Done-For-You Template
  • Press Coverage Pitch Template
  • Sales pages templates
  • Lead magnets templates
  • Winning product creation suite worksheets
  • Reviews Collector Tool
  • Writing Blog Posts Template & Guidelines
  • Positive Reviews answers bank
  • Shopify optimisation
  • Etsy optimisation
  • Sales funnels optimisation
  • [and much, much more...]

Monthly Instalments Available.

❝There isn't a *magical* trick.

No quick hacks.

Just a step-by-step

blueprint to follow online.❞

— Anne, Founder.

Success Story: Anne's Etsy Store

Don't just take my word for it - I started in 2020 from NOTHING. Out of nowhere. My own Etsy store has been a huge hit over time and it keeps growing, with over 143,000 sales in less than 4 years on Etsy alone. Etsy and Website stores sell between 300 to 600 low-ticket niche products a day, despite only having 30 listings up on Etsy and my website. Both stores convert at about 9% which is huge, knowing the industry and the growing competition.

BUT it doesn't stop here. I have 3 other offers that I promote through socials too daily. Everything combined, this business makes me earn about £80,000 a month, consistently (as of March 2024.)

"I've tried everything, any tricks and marketing tweaks possible to get potential customers in, and convert that visit into a sale. This became an obssession." — Anne, Founder.


Monthly Instalments Available.


Monthly Instalments Available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you decide if this membership is right for you?

What is included in the 30k+ Plan?

The Official 30k+ Plan is an actionable set of tasks designed to help you increase your sales and build a strong brand. It includes in-depth detailed tasks that you can apply to your niche, products, and sales situation, with ongoing support and guidance to help you stay motivated and focused on your goals. You have access to tools, templates and loads of content for your own marketing, website, Etsy store, social media content etc...

Who is the 30k+ Plan for?

The 30k+ Plan is for AMBITIOUS and DRIVEN small business owners who want to increase their sales and grow their business, no matter where they're starting from. Whether you're just starting out without even having any ideas of what to sell/what to do or looking to take your business to the next level, the 30k+ Plan can help you achieve your goals and build a life on your own terms.

How long does it take to see results with the 30k+ Plan?

The 30k+ Plan is designed to help you see results fast, with daily sales increases from zero to 30+ sales over a 90-day period. However, the timeline for results may vary depending on your specific niche, products, market and sales situation, and your own personal factors.

What kind of businesses can benefit from the 30k+ Plan?

The 30k+ Plan is suitable for small business owners who sell physical products, digital products, or services, whether they're selling on Etsy or their own website. The plan can be persoanlised to your own specific niche and sales situation. It can help businesses of all sizes, markets, niches and types.

Is the 30k+ Plan a one-time purchase, or an ongoing program?

The 30k+ Plan is a one-time purchase that includes tasks and ongoing support to help you achieve your sales goals. There are no recurring fees or subscriptions, but monthly installments are available.

How long does it take to receive the 30k+ Plan after I sign up?

Right away after you purchase it.

Can I use the 30k+ Plan if I'm not very tech-savvy?

Absolutely! The 30+ Plan is designed to be simple and easy to implement, no matter your level of technical expertise. I always provide clear and detailed instructions for each task, and I'm always here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Is the 30k+ Plan customizable to my specific needs?

Yes! The 30k+ Plan can be customized to your specific niche, products, and any sales situation.

Can I use the 30k+ Plan if I don't have a website or an Etsy store opened yet?

Yes! The 30k+ Plan is designed to help ambitious individuals starting out, give life to their ideas, increase their sales and build a strong brand, whether they aren't selling anything yet, already selling on Etsy or their own website. I'll work with you to create a plan that's tailored specifically to your situation.

Do I need to have any specific skills or knowledge to use the 30k+ Plan?

No specific skills or knowledge are required to use the 30k+ Plan. I provide clear and detailed instructions for each task, and I'm always here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

I'm just starting out - Will the 30k+ Plan work for me?

Absolutely. And it's even better. Starting early can help you avoid common mistakes and ensure that you're setting your business up for success from the very beginning rather than having to work again on something else later/tweak things over and over! So don't wait until you have products listed on your store to get started - join today to get started!

I'm in a Unique Niche - Will the 30k+ Plan work for me?

Yes - You will learn how to niche down properly and discover who your audience is, what do they want and need.

Should I start using the 30k+ Plan now, or should I wait until I have products listed on my store?

It's never too early to get started and sign-up. Whether you're just starting out or have been in business for a while, the 30k+ Plan will help you increase your sales and build a strong brand. In fact, starting early can help you avoid common mistakes and ensure that you're setting your business up for success from the very beginning rather than having to work again on something else later! So don't wait until you have products listed on your store to get started !

Has anyone so far exceeded £30k in 90 days with the 30k+ Plan?

YES - we've got a very good and srong study cases! Some of our mentees are even making about 10 to 15k on Etsy alone - this has been done so far without any funnels, or memberships in place for now, so it's extremely promising!

What are the options for support after 90 days?

I'm fully committed to offering whatever support is necessary until you achieve your goals. I'm more than willing to provide guidance and assistance because my passion lies in motivating individuals to fulfil the promises they make to themselves. Your sales and progress serve as the cornerstone of my marketing strategy. Please don't hesitate to seek help and support whenever you require it, for as long as you need it. Your plan will comprehensively address most aspects, equipping you with knowledge that surpasses that of 99% of individuals in the business world.

If you need a specific personalised approached, I also offer The 30k+ Personalised Plan, available on application! Reach out today!

With the 90 days if I have time can I do 2 days in 1 day I’m ahead?

Certainly! Some tasks can be implemented in just a few minutes, while others may require a few days. It all depends on the amount of time you have available each day. You can group tasks together and accomplish more if you have the flexibility to do so.

Do we have to have any Canva skills?

No need for advanced skills—just the basics! Canva is quite user-friendly and simple to pick up and excel in :) Additionally, we offer best-selling MRR (Master Resell Rights) digital products that you can leverage as a solid starting point for your planners, workbooks, sheets, and other digital products.

What if I want to sell physical and digital products within the same store?

You can and you should. Highly recommended. You can offer any type of product or service format once you understand who you want to sell to. You can do both as long as you keep selling to the same audience.

Do I have to use Instagram or Tiktok as a tool for marketing?

Not at first! Social media content is amazing to scale a store that's selling well already. But not something you need to do when you first start. I've made my first million on Etsy without any social media!

Do I need to create and have my digital products ready before signing up?

We will take you where you are at, so if you start from scratch, we will cover the product creation part with you telling you exactly what to do/how to do it and when to plan and create the right digital products based on your target audience, your niche and the market.

What are Master-Resell-Rights?

MRR stands for "Master Resell Rights," a legal clause attached to the course that allows you to resell the 30K+ Plan for 100% profit, for an additional income stream.

What kind of support do I get?

The 30k+ Plan includes ongoing support whenever you need it and guidance to help you stay motivated and focused on your sales goals. When you buy the 30K+ Plan, you also get instant access to the HQ community. There, you can ask questions to others and connect with people. Founder, Anne is there active daily to answer Q&A and support you all along. FOR FREE.

Do I have to resell the 30K+ Plan?

Absolutely not! The resell model is a bonus on top of all the value included in this course and community. It is completely optional.

Meet Anne, Founder

"If someone, somewhere, did it, you can too!"

Hi, I'm Anne, and I help small business owners to launch from scratch, grow and scale their online store & reaching £30k+ month and consistently, on Etsy and their own site.

I started from ZERO, no knowledge, in 2020 during lockdown and launched my first e-commerce store.

It was a challenging time, and I struggled to learn from too many sources, making the process very confusing. I grew my Etsy store to 95,000 sales and website to 7-figure in less than three years, selling both physical and digital products.

Sharing what I learned and went through came naturally over time. I've made a promise to myself to be the big sister I've never had on this journey, and dedicate my time and energy to help others grow too.

We are now a big crew of 7,000+ driven and ambitious small business owners, growing and scaling our online stores all together! Creating a Done-For-You digital products library came as evidence.

I'm a mum of 2 under 5. And started from nothing.

I'm on a mission to help ambitious product-based small business owners turn their passions, traumas, skills, life experiences, and knowledge into successful online businesses.

I understand how difficult it can be to make the jump from a 9-5 job to being your own boss, which is why I offer absolute coaching and guidance to help my people every step of the way.

With my 90-day plan, I work with each individual business owner to create a tailored strategy that leverages your skills, experiences, and even your personal challenges to monetise your passions through physical and digital products (for passive income.)

Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale your existing small business, I'm here to help you achieve your goals and create an impactful brand that resonates with your audience.

I craft (almost) everything with you, from your email marketing sequences, lead magnets, to your brand story, mission, values, your content strategy on social media... We're here to implement a strong strategy together.

And take that business OFF THE GROUND, fast.

Together, we'll develop a clear roadmap to reach 30k+ sales monthly and consistently on Etsy, and your own website.

Also there to provide support and guidance as you navigate through your plan, by email.

I'm taking each business as a personal challenge. I don't leave you until we make things DONE.

So if you're ready to take control of your financial future and turn your dream of owning a successful online store into a reality, I'm here to help you make it happen.

Pricing Options for Your 30k+ Plan

Choose the Option That Fits Your Budget and Goals.

Get Your 30k+ Plan Today for $2,550

instead of $5,100 if you join NOW.

Pay In Full


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Enter Your Contact Information


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Continuous Support and Private 1:1



My team and I Are Always an Email Away. Send Your Questions My Way, I'm Always Happy To Bring Clarity and Help When Needed. We will always strive to reply as fast as we possibly can.



We are extremely confident in what we offer. This action 30K+ Plan uses our exact own framework. The mission is for you to succeed and reach your goals. Now, if after you implement EVERYTHING taught in this plan, and after you go through each action and tasks provided, you aren't seeing any growth and getting consistent sales, all you have to do is join the Private Community Group inside, provide all the documentation required to prove actions and work done, and we will be there offering 1:1 support to assist you until your income goals are met.

**Client success is influenced by various factors, some of which are beyond our control. This includes their dedication to the plan, the timing of their start, daily effort, focus, determination, personal situations, the quality of their content, their pricing and profit strategies.. Results do differ for each client. The 30k+ framework is my personal blueprint, approved and running live. Every task and action has its purpose, based on founder Anne's proven live structure.

***The goal of this plan is to get you exactly from TODAY to reach £30,000 /month in sales organically (so no ads until the store generates consistent sales daily first.) using Etsy, and sales funnels to sell offers outside Etsy.

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